AT91SAM7S64 in keil5 (II):

I want to in this post solve programer JLink error. I had not error with software JFlash v6.0.0.I have error with Keilv5. I too had same error with JFlashV6.12 . we know there are differenet version and clone of JLink in market. I used this method(changing driver JLink) , every thing is ok with Keilv5 and JFlash.

I unistalled current driver JLink that installed JFlash, and i update driver with driver of  folders Keilv5. In Path of Keil Directory/Keil_v5/ARM/Segger/USBDriver  you should update driver of JLink.


Fig1:Upate driver JLink

you can see work that i do in screenshots in win8.1.

Fig2:Locate Driver Keilv5

I set debug mode on jlink, and i select device at91sam7s64,now every thing is ok,jlink in keil v5 and jflash can erase and programmed like charm. jlink is good debugger,but ulink debugger has less error …smiley

I hope have good and cool days with atsam7s64.  It is good point for starting ARM Microconroller  Atmel Coporation.

best regards stackprogramer




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