Implementation Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in GFSK in Gnuradio

In this post we want to implent AES encryption in GFSK transmitter/receiver in GnuRadio.So it work i can transmit a mp3 format file with HackRF One.

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ionosphere and electromagnetic waves

We want to discuss about role and importance of microwave in selecting for satellite . I study on optical communication that is higher frequency from microwave so i had a question can we use light wave as  wave in wireless communication, i we here examine ionosphere.

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Synchronization two Hardware SDR

We now disscuss about synchronization, this subject is one of most important challeneg in multi hardware digital communication.We have two general mechanism for sychronization, hardware based we use external clokc, other way .i.e. software based is same clock recovery.So here we discuss about hardware synchronization implentation,

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Feedback examples in optisystem(opticwave)

We have challenges in design loop feedback in optisystem,today i found my problem,now feed back works like charm,In optical circuit design feedback is very important it is basic for designing sequential optical ciruit like SR-Latch,Flip-Flop and memory.

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