Audio Sink Producing UaUaUaUa In GNU Radio

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Audio Sink:

When i created a FM receiver flow graph in grc of gnuradio, i see that sink audio has a strange message. After searching,in gnuradio mailing list , i see a used link that  was quoted:

Audio Sink Producing UaUaUaUa

These error is related to sampling and resampling in flow graph that for sound card is not is offered that we should set rate of sampling in audio sink to below.

Try 44100 or 48000 Hz, these work on most sound cards second reason of error is for slow speed of cpu,........

I had a Debian linux in VMWare, so my problem is not solved yet.i created this topic  to as soon as is solved shared solution.My core of CPU for in VMWare is 2x2.

Temporary solution  , I used wav file sink, i recored FM channel and then i heared FM sound.

Finally my problem Temporary is solved.I switched from vmware debian to live debian, now every thing is ok, i can enter input signal audio from my microphone to gnuradio. my problem was related to vmware has low power processing as live. you can see video on youtube:i heared sound from headphones,my speaker laptop has not good quality, it has loud beep.



gnuradio mailing list link


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