Importance timing diagrams in designing circuits and systems

In designing circuits and systems we have to analyze behavior more than one component in time space. Toady i want to plot some time diagram and analyze some optical circuit,so i found great software that help me think more easy in circuit and system design.

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Difference buad rate and bit rate?

I today discuss about diference between two definition(idiom). We know that serial communication is very basic for start digital comunication data.So we when select linecode for channel communication we should examine it with rate of data transmition.

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Input MicroPhone in CubieBoard

In Past days we  should start recording   voice with a microphone with connected to socket line in cubieboard.When i used arecord command in linux with microphone that is connected to it, it returns "???????????????" in terminal in Fedora linux.

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AT91SAM7S64 in keil5 (II):

I want to in this post solve programer JLink error. I had not error with software JFlash v6.0.0.I have error with Keilv5. I too had same error with JFlashV6.12 . we know there are differenet version and clone of JLink in market. I used this method(changing driver JLink) , every thing is ok with Keilv5 and JFlash.

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