DVBT project receiver probelm OOrestart aquisition d_freq_offset: -5 Od_freq_offset: -5

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DVB-T protocol is great for transmition of digital video. In GnuRadio  we have gr-dvbt , you can install it easily in gnuradio. I reforemed TX and RX demo for using in HackRF One a open source hardware   in SDR. For TX and RX i used HackRF One.When i runned TX and RX i had below errors:

DVBT project receiver probelm  OOrestart aquisition  d_freq_offset: -5  Od_freq_offset: -5

In below link is discussed that low cpu processing can cause this problem.......http://gnuradio.4.n7.nabble.com/DVBT-project-receiver-probelm-td57108.htmlFinally My problem is solving with this rules:

Any PC or laptop Processor that you run gnuradio on it,has a budget processing bandwidth for hakrf one.I used a debian os on vmware a oneside corei5 processor host windows on HP probook 4530s and the other side i used a debian linux laptop Sony  vio SR with pentium dual core in live mode.

for bandwidth 6 8 10 i had nothing execpt top errors.So i found that link that describe for high bandwidth and SPS we need power full processing unit.

Finally i reduce bandwidth of DVBT in OSmocom now it can work like charm with bandwidth 1M. I hope this post is useful for amateur radio.

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