Feedback examples in optisystem(opticwave)

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We have challenges in design loop feedback in optisystem,today i found my problem,now feed back works like charm,In optical circuit design feedback is very important it is basic for designing sequential optical ciruit like SR-Latch,Flip-Flop and memory.

For three i was busy, i wanted to design feebback optical circuit in optic system, but for time-delay i used block /Default/Passives Library/Optical time delay or phase shift, but it has not any result. The window of time domain virtualizer was only can see snapshot of time delay block in below :

time delay block opticsystem Fig1:Time delay Block optic system

If you see help of this block ,this is not mention is null input data , ouput data is not null poit so we couldn't get  any result.

So after some searching i found some examples link:

Finally i found my solution for my feedback system:So i concluded i should use optical delay that in help of this block is mentoned:

Optical Delay

Generates optical signal delays. The delay is added by sending NULL signals to the output port.

So when we use this block feedback work, you can see screenshot of it.

feedback in opticsystem

Fig2:Snapshot of feedback in opticsystem

We shared here two examples feedback a simple structure and SOA-MZI structure feed back you can download file from below.This file works with optisystem7 or newer version.

Warning:I mentioned more that there is not any delay in optical delay, it only pass input signal and when there is no signal it's output is null, for delay we should use series time delay and optical delay see this topic for more info.

Feedback simple opticsystem

SOA-MZI Feedback opticsystem

You can see video on youtube (below video)that running project on opticsystem7.




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