Four-Ports Waveguide Microwave Functions

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4port microwave waveguide

In this blog post we want to discuss about a S-Paramter of a waveguide. We know that in Microwave we use S-Parameter for descriping these deveices.

Waveguide Microwave Functions

Consider a waveguide having 4 ports. If the power is applied to one port, it goes through all the 3 ports in some proportions where some of it might reflect back from the same port. This concept is clearly depicted in the following figure.

microwave waveguide function

Fig1:Micro waveguide 4-Port Diagram,arrow are transmition and reflection waves

For description of microwave device we use scattering matrix.

Scattering Matrix

Fig2:Scattering Matrix

In Microwave device we work with power, because in this situation working with power is more easy.So for any microwave element first job we should do is analyzing S-Parameter. In next day i try share some S-Parameter from different waveguide. For more info see this link.

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