I love math very much, though i am not mathematican, i am engineer electronic, today i read a shouting speech from  Sir Andrew John Wiles from a MSC of a thesis, so i shared it here.

mathematic is beautiful very much, i can not describe it except refer to Sir Andrew John Wiles's quotation.I hope that you love this speech.

Perhaps I can best describe my experience of doing
mathematics in terms of a journey through a dark
unexplored mansion: You enter the first room of the
mansion and it’s completely dark. You stumble around
bumping into the furniture, but gradually you learn
where each piece of furniture is. Finally, after six
months or so, you find the light switch, you turn it on,
and suddenly it’s all illuminated. You can see exactly
where you were. Then you move into the next room
and spend another six months in the dark. So each of
these breakthroughs, while sometimes they’re
momentary, sometimes over a period of a day or two,
they are the culmination of – and couldn’t exist
without – the many months of stumbling around in the
dark that precede them


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