Some idioms in network+.

honeynet is a network set up with intentional vulnerabilities; its purpose is to invite attack, so that an attacker’s activities and methods can be studied and that information used to increase network security. A honeynet contains one or more honey pots, which are computer systems on the Internet expressly set up to attract and “trap” people who attempt to penetrate other people’s computer systems.Although the primary purpose of a honeynet is to gather information about attackers’ methods and motives, the decoy network can benefit its operator in other ways, for example by diverting attackers from a real network and its resources.


A honeypot is a computer system that is set up to act as a decoy to lure cyberattackers, and to detect, deflect or study attempts to gain unauthorized access to information systems. Generally, it consists of a computer, applications, and data that simulate the behavior of a real system that appears to be part of a network but is actually isolated and closely monitored. All communications with a honeypot are considered hostile, as there’s no reason for legitimate users to access a honeypot. Viewing and logging this activity can provide an insight into the level and types of threat a network infrastructure faces while distracting attackers away from assets of real value.

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