How we can measure phase shift in opticsystem(Opticwave Product)?

June 7, 2017 | 66 is viewed

In this blog post we want to discuss about that how we can measure phase shift of signal that is crossed on a mach-zehnder modulator in opticsystem. we can save data in phase shift, we know in communication we can use phase and amplitude for transmition of data.

So we want to describe methods we can use for measurement phase shift in opticsystem.First we define phase and time delay relation in electromagnetic wave. we now that we can show wave as a sinusoid function:For linear system relation between phase and frequency is linear i.e. phase is factor of frequecny.

[latex]A\sin \left ( wt+\varphi \right ) (1)[/latex]

So for example for frequency 1MHz , phase shift 3.14 rad or 180 degree is equivalent is :

[latex]delaytime=\frac{3.14}{10^{^{6}}}=3.14 usec[/latex]

So we want to examine in opticsystem how we can measure phase shift, after search and created topic on forum opticwave we concluded that we have these solutions:

First Solution we can use LightWave Analyzer for capturing frequency response of a system. you can see screen shot of it:

Fig1:LightWave Analyzer in Opticwave14

Second solution is using Clock Recovery method that i discussed so many ablout it in this blog post.So we introduce two method for measuring phase shift,i even beleive we can use time doamian visualizer but in opticsystem 7 is doesn't work for me.

So we know phase and amplitude is so important in communication because data is transfered based a modulation teqnique that use phase or amplitude or both of them.


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