Implementation Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in GFSK in Gnuradio

2 years ago | 93 is viewed

In this post we want to implent AES encryption in GFSK transmitter/receiver in GnuRadio.So it work i can transmit a mp3 format file with HackRF One.

So we now can tranmit GFSK with AES encryption with primary HackRFOne and we received GFSK with AES decryption with secondary HackRF One.For AES encrypt/decrypt we use gr-aes  project that developed with capi_x . So we use this projectr and configured GFSK with AES encryption in gnuradio now every thing works lile charms every thing is ok.Before we launched GFSK with out encryption here, it works like charms for more info see this link.

Now we launched GFSK with encryption now we share grc file gnuradio here.


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