In Past days we  should start recording   voice with a microphone with connected to socket line in cubieboard.When i used arecord command in linux with microphone that is connected to it, it returns "???????????????" in terminal in Fedora linux.

For recording sound in linux command we use this command:

List devices record:

$arecord –list-devices

For record audi we use this command:

$ arecord -d 10 /tmp/test-mic.wav

For playing:

$ aplay /tmp/test-mic.wav

If you have a more sound devices on your system and you need to use the non default sound card you can specify it to arecord with -D option. For example:

$ arecord  hw:1,0 -d 10  /tmp/test-mic.wav

So but we have only:



After Some searching we conclude that we should use additional hardware for microphone,so we use FC-109 MAX9812-MODULE you can see in below image:

Fig1:snapshot of FC109-microphone module

I soon will shared result here. For Microphone Option in CubieBoard we have a line option that has two line LineINR and LineINL that we want to use a line with this module.You can download schematic of CubieBoard here cubieboard_schematic_2012-08-08.pdf .

you can see schematic of mic in cubie board in below image:

Fig2:Schematic of linein cubieboard

You can see in schematic that LineIn is connected to A20,A21 pin of A20 processor it is too small pin,it is hard to solder with hand.Other Hand in the extention interface we have only HP(head phone) line for micro phone we have not any pin on extenion interface header board.So we can work with HP jack that is used for microphone.For usign this we should some info about schematic jack HP . You can see in below image .

Fig3:Diagram Socket and Cable microphone                                                   


For more info about head phone jack you can see this link and Stereo headphone jack pinout.You can see Pin 1 of Pin Header is VCC  and GNDwe can use for module microphone. Even it is connected to jack, we use a cable of microphone for connecting of it, you can see screen shot of it.


Fig4:Cable that used for connecting FC109 to socket linein CubieBoard

Finally we could not record on CubieBoard with module FC109,You can see that with Module FC109 we preamp voice 20dB,But Cubuie Can not record with arecord command line and even in Audocity software.You can see video that i created from my project.


We can see in below link he can record with usb webcam as a microphone.

Cubieboard Voice Recognition

In below link mentioned that preamplify the signal for CubieBoard Didn't work too,

Below link has useful info about CubieBoard.

I beleive that CubieBoard should work with this module properly, but we should examine more why cubie can not record with this module, i mentioned that this module work with laptop like charm, very nice record on laptop 4530s on win8.1 . as soon as i find reason i will share result here.


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