Review on smith chart and it’s applications

September 1, 2017 | 114 is viewed


In this post we want to discuss about smith chart, in microwave transmission line we use it, for matching problems.

We want to first define and explain smith chart , i used this can download complete smith chart form this link.

The Smith chart, invented by Phillip H. Smith (1905–1987), is a graphical aid or nomogram designed for electrical and electronics engineers specializing in radio frequency (RF) engineering to assist in solving problems with transmission lines and matching circuits.The Smith chart can be used to simultaneously display multiple parameters including impedances, admittances, reflection coefficients, S n nscattering parameters, noise figure circles, constant gain contours and regions for unconditional stability, including mechanical vibrations analysis. The Smith chart is most frequently used at or within the unity radius region. However, the remainder is still mathematically relevant, being used, for example, in oscillator design and stability analysis.


Fig1:Smith chart

For proof formula and plot of smith chart you can download this useful pdf by Rick Nelson.

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