In this post i want to discuss about what’s best material for plasmonic device application except  considering graphene. I want to find a materials with low loss, high confinement and easy fabrication.

From this link article,it conclude that there is not best materials for plasmonic application.But for some optic communication silver is good, this is not discuss about fabrication.

Fig1:Table 2 Summary of the quality factors of a number of possible low-loss plasmonic
candidate materials. The maximum value of the quality factor (up to 2.5 µm) and the
wavelength at which the maximum occurs are tabulated for each material and each of the
four applications. The quality factors at 1.5 µm (for nanophotonic applications) are also
presented. Quality factors for TO devices were calculated at the crossover frequency
where = 0.

Soon i searched and i want to conclude what’s best materials for plasmonic application.


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