Today we share recorded video DVB-T receiver here, we use two Hackrf One with Gnuradio, we had 1MB bandwidth and 461M center frequency.In higher bandwidth we had not any ofdm symbol and we had error restart aquisition for more info please see former our blog post this and that link. So really HackRF One in Higher 1MB bandwidth is not good and it can not haldle high carrier modulation.

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Yet i work on DVB-T in HackRF one, in TX we can send DVB-T and we receive it with a hardware dongle DVB-T. but for receiving with SDR Based we had error: see this link for our older work or this link.

DVBT project receiver probelm OOrestart aquisition d_freq_offset: -5 Od_freq_offset: -5

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One of most popular and cheap hadrware in SDR is RTL-SDR, this dongle can I/Q sample with resoulotion 8bit ADC, it can too used DVB-T dongle, in this blog post we describe how RTL-SDR can received DVB-T signal and show in VLC media player?


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