We in this post we want to examine structues that offer for Threshold Function in optic communication.Threshold Function is a mechanism that suppress signal optic thas is  lower a from Low -Level and amplify signal that is  higher a High-Level.

We can talk it is same as Switch or Transfer Function that shape a step function, that we used for idealize all optical logic gate.

On of a structure for threshold function is used HNLF, it is used in the article[1].

         Fig1:circut diagram optical threshold diagram,VOA varible optical attenuator

In this paper, they considered values between 0.75 and 1 as the logic “high” state and values between 0 and 0.25 as the logic “low” state. However, it is possible to reduce the variation of the high output levels and suppress the low logic levels shown in Fig. 5 using optical thresholding schemes. The thresholder function can also improve the extinction ratio (ER) values of different logic gates.

An other paper  it describe threshold function in  transfer function[2].

Fig2:Power Transmistion Function

So we need Threshold Function Based for all optical logic gate, for imporoving them.


[1]C. C. A. Reis, T. Chattopadhyay, P. André, and A. Teixeira, “Single Mach–Zehnder interferometer based optical Boolean logic gates,” Applied Optics, vol. 51, no. 36, p. 8693, 2012.

[2]H. Zhu, R. Wang, T. Pu, T. Fang, P. Xiang, J. Zheng, and H. Zhu, “Experimental demonstration of all-optical tunable thresholder for self-switching and thresholding,” 2015 4th International Conference on Computer Science and Network Technology (ICCSNT), 2015.

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