Xiaomi Mi repeater WIFI

June 4, 2017 | 110 is viewed

When you want to configure wifi repeater Mi Xiaomi, you will face with some errors that is commen in this repeater we will discuss about this error in this blog post.First error is connection interupted other connection timeout and poor network or incorrect password xiaomi Mi.

So we will examine it for solving.

First i installed MI Home app for android tablet, I used a powerbank P-net for  turn on Xiaomi wifi repeater.After it i opened the Mi Home app but in connecting wifi win8 adhoc, it returned below errors:

Fig1:Wifi Xiaomi repeater and power bank p-net

Fig2:Wifi Xiaomi repeater and power bank p-net

connection interupted

For solving this error i search  google, i conclude for solving we should reset for 10 second wifi Xiaomi repeater.With reset of it Led orange is blinking again. So this problem is solved.

Fig3:Reset Wifi Xiaomi repeater

but after it we have below errors:

connection timeout

We can not connect to our wifi laptop hostspot,we create a hotspot with this command.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=cubic key=1234

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

We can connect to TP-Link Modem with Mi Home app,but for hotspot we can not connect to it, we have error same connection time out error.we finally see that it is not amplifiy good wifi, i can not use this for long haul distance.

                       Fig4:open shield xiaomi repeater

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